Are there any data centers in Australia?

Are there any data centers in Australia?

There are 279 Australian data centers, the majority of these colocation facilities are located along the eastern coast in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

What is the largest data centre in Australia?

Largest Data Centers in Australia

Gross SqFt Power (MW)
Global Switch Sydney East West Campus 781,190 66.40
AirTrunk Melbourne 172,222 50.00
NEXTDC Melbourne M2 Tullamarine 161,458 40.00
AirTrunk Sydney SYD2 301,389 28.00

What is a Tier 1 data centre?

Tier 1: A Tier 1 data center has a single path for power and cooling and few, if any, redundant and backup components. It has an expected uptime of 99.671% (28.8 hours of downtime annually).

Who owns data Centres in Australia?

This infrastructure and expertise remains unique in the Australian data centre industry as the nation’s only 100% privately Australian owned data centre facility. ADC keeps data and critical infrastructure safe and secure on our Australian shores. It is the only such operation owned and operated by Canberra locals.

Where are the Internet servers located in Australia?

Despite Canberra being the capital of Australia, co-location data centers in the country are primarily located in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth of which most are located on the east/south coast of the country.

Where is the best place to build a data Centre?

With these four criteria in mind, there are five regions that stand out as ideal locations for data centers:

  • New York State.
  • Ontario, Canada.
  • Eastern Washington State.
  • Colorado.
  • The Netherlands.

Which city has the largest concentration of data centers?

1| China Mobile

  • Area: 7.7 million sq. ft.
  • Location: Hong Kong.
  • About: China Mobile International Limited (CMI) data centre is a subsidiary of China Mobile.
  • Area: 10.7 million sq.
  • Location: Hong Kong.
  • About: China Telecom is one of the largest data centre providers in the world.
  • Area: 1.4 million sq.
  • Location: Western UK.

How many data centers are there in Australia?

There are more than 257 data centers in the country; most of these colocation facilities are located along the eastern coast in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

What is rated 4 data center?

Rated 4 datacenters are the safest place for your organization’s data and hardware as they are built to withstand earthquakes, floods, fires, and have several physical security zones.

Who has more data centers?

Amazon, Microsoft and Google collectively now account for more than 50 percent of the world’s largest data centers across the globe as the three companies continue to spend billions each year on building and expanding their global data center footprint to accommodate the high demand for cloud services.