Are Drayton radiator valves good?

Are Drayton radiator valves good?

Drayton are a premium manufacturer of thermostatic radiator valves in the UK and the 0705180 is their most popular set of TRV’s. They are built to the highest of standards and include many intuitive features that make the valves standout.

How does a Drayton TRV4 work?

The thermostatic sensor reacts to changes in temperature and by varying the flow of hot water through its associated valve, controls the temperature in the room. Fit the TRV body to the radiator as for a normal radiator valve. The valve may be fitted with the Sensing Head in either a vertical or horizontal position.

What is Drayton TRV4?

Drayton is the leading manufacturer of TRVs. Our comprehensive range has been designed to suit all applications from wax filled TRVs to top-of-the-range liquid filled TRVs that offer the ultimate in accuracy and responsiveness.

What is a TRV4?

When you say ‘what is the difference between a TRV and TRV 4’ – well TRV just stands for ‘Themostatic Radiator Valve’ whislt TRV4 is just the model number of the latest Drayton valves. Loads of makes of TRV’s available, I can’t recomend what is best/better but I think both Drayton and Danfoss are often recommended.

Are Drayton TRV bidirectional?

Drayton RT212 White & Chrome TRV 15mm Angled :- All Drayton Thermostatic Radiator Valves are approved to the new European Standard EN215, which supersedes BS. 6284 1983. Bi-Directional Angled Valve Body.

Which side of a radiator should a TRV be fitted?

return side
However, it’s always best practice to fit the TRV on the flow pipe that enters your radiator. If a non-bi-directional thermostatic valve is fitted to the return side of the radiator, it can make a loud vibrating noise when water tries to pass through it.

Should all radiators have thermostatic valves?

We recommend you fit a thermostatic valve on every radiator. But there’s no need to fit one in a room with a fixed room thermostat.