Are DBA brakes good?

Are DBA brakes good?

The first-hand experience and testing found DBA’s direct replacement aftermarket brake package outshone the OEM setup in performance and in the crucial area of stopping distance. Reynolds discovered that DBA provides better value and performance, and that DBA Does Euro Brakes Better.

What are DBA rotors?

DBA’s 5000 Series rotors are a composite 2 piece direct replacement brake rotor, combining high carbon cast-iron rings with aerospace grade aluminium hats (T6061-T6).

How long do DBA rotors last?

30,000 to 70,000 miles
Under normal driving conditions, rotors should last 30,000 to 70,000 miles or longer.

What does DL mean on rotors?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Duralast Brake Rotors are designed to match the performance and safety of your original rotors.

Where are DBA brakes made?

DBA is also proud be able to export Australian designed and manufactured products across the world. What most customers don’t realise is the labour intensity of manufacturing performance rotors in Australia.

What is the difference between DBA T2 and T3?

DBA’s T3 slot design is built on the T2 design but with an increased number of slots, taking it from 32 to 48 CNC machined slots. The result is an even quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel.

Where are DBA rotors manufactured?

What does DBA stand for?

Trade nameTrade name / Full name

Does it matter what rotors you buy?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to judge the quality of a rotor by its appearance alone. An economy rotor may appear to be nearly identical to a premium-quality rotor, but the metallurgy is often far different. There are many different grades of cast iron, and some make much better brake rotors than others.

Should you use brake cleaner on coated rotors?

New brake rotors are often coated with an anti rust coating at the factory. That coating must be removed to achieve proper braking. You can use spray brake cleaner and a clean rag to dissolve the coating, but don’t stop there.