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Will the Writing Skill Help You in the Future?

Will the Writing Skill Help You in the Future?

Being a student means to get frequent writing assignments that seem to be completely needless and even pointless. But is it really as unnecessary as it seems?

What is actually called “writing”?

Writing is a verbal form of communication by letters, words, and sentences and so on. And communication is something that is essential for life means a lot to people, right?

Except for getting great marks at school or university, writing skills might be beneficial for you in the future.

This is an essential skill almost for any kind of job

Whether you are going to be a lawyer, a scientist or a babysitter, firstly you need to write an application letter and CV. And how are you going to do that with no sign of writing skills? And beyond that, every worker requires to be able to keep business correspondence that usually indicates one’s level of education and intelligence. You are unlikely to get a promotion as a general manager if you constantly make spelling mistakes.

Writing develops you as a person

When a person is writing, his brain is operating at full capacity and as a result, the brain increases the concentration on the information that was being written. Writing in general, and especially by hand has a positive impact on the human mindset. The researchers from Texas University have figured out that keeping a diary contributes to the production of T lymphocytes. These lymphocytes are cells that help the organism handle infections.

What’s more, writing develops:

  • memory;
  • imagination;
  • creativity;
  • knowledge;
  • intelligence;
  • communication skills.

Writing will help you to improve critical thinking skills

We live in a complicated world where wearing rose-coloured glasses is ridiculous.

When you are asked to write about a complicated and controversial subject, you have to express the ideas with an open mind and suggest the solutions to certain problems. This is called the critical thinking process.

A person with critical thinking is able to put aside personal feelings and look at a problem from different perspectives to find optimal solutions and draw informed conclusions at the end. People with critical thinking are worth their weight in gold at all times since they can look beneath the surface and are always ready for challenges.

You can discuss any topic and give a speech off-hand

Have you ever regretted about insufficient skills of public speaking? Do you always find the right words and arguments? If so, you are probably very good at writing. To succeed in discussions, apart from dealing with data and facts you need to express your thoughts effectively to people. And that is where writing skills come in handy as writing, among other things, expands vocabulary and public speaking skills. Think about it: how many brilliant orators there are among writers? And how often do their remarks become aphorisms? You can reach any conclusions by yourself.

You can make a career in writing

Of course, not everybody can write like Shakespeare or Bradbury, but writing books is not the only way to make money with writing. Almost every resource in our digital age needs someone to write about their products, news or any other content. Besides, it is possible to earn money as a freelance writer working at paper writing services or seek for assignments at the sites for job search. In addition, you can start a blog and make money off it that is very common these days.

Nearly every door will be open to you

Surely writing career is not the only field you can succeed in having excellent writing skills. Usually, people who are good at writing are creative and have plenty of original ideas that might come in useful in any sphere. A copywriter that knows how to attract a potential customer definitely has certain marketing skills. When you are writing about something, you go into details and do your own research on a subject. That is what journalists do, so this means you can take your chances with this area. As writing develops human intelligence, memory and so on, it might be possible to get nearly any job with this good skill.

To conclude, writing skill is definitely an essential one, and maybe these days it is more needed than ever before. And aside from career options, it gives you an opportunity for personal growth. To cut a long story short, if you want to be an open-minded and educated person, work on your writing skills. And don’t be desperate if you don’t do great at first because only practice makes perfect.

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